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Time Magazine Customer Service

Got problems with your TIME magazine subscription? Want to cancel your subscription or just want to change your mail address? Wonder if TIME has some special offers? Time Magazine Customer Service is always ready to help you out. If you are a TIME magazine subscriber, it is the right site you can count on to get solutions to your subscription problems and other customer support services.

Time Magazine Customer Service Instructions
As the official site of Time Magazine Customer Service, it offers various service options with which you can get the problems you’ve got solved accordingly and quickly. At the landing page of this site, you can clearly see the service lists which cover almost all the solutions or services to all your needs on the left side. On the right, the login boxes are offered for Print Subscriber and Digital Subscriber respectively. You need to log in at these Subscriber Logins by filling out the required information to get the services listed below:

  1. Pay Your Bill
  2. Renew Your Subscription
  3. Check Your Payment Status
  4. Find Out When Your Subscription Ends
  5. Change Your Address
  6. Add/Update Your Email Address
  7. Report Missed or Damaged Print Issues
  8. Temporarily Stop Your Subscription
  9. Stop Delivery of Duplicate Issues
  10. Cancel Your Subscription
  11. Frequently Asked Questions – Quick Help

Please note, to access your gift orders, you will be asked to enter your account number, zip/postal code and email address. For subscribers who login using your address, you must make sure that your name and address exactly same as it appears on your mailing label.

In addition to online subscription services, you can also access to the special offers like FREE access to the TIME ARCHIVE, TIME Free E-Newsletters, Special TIME Book Offer, etc. at this site. For example, click “FREE access to the TIME ARCHIVE” you will be entered into the free archive page for TIME magazine. You can search for Magazine Articles and Magazine Covers. To your joy, you may find your birthday cover! If you want to subscribe the TIME Magazine, you can click the “RSS” icon on the right top corner.

How to Change Address or to Cancel Subscription for TIME Magazine
Other than the Subscriber Login way mentioned above to change address or to cancel subscription or even more, there are another two ways to achieve it. Take follow steps to get access to the way of phone call or through emailing a form:

  1. At the lest side where the services listed, you can find the “Other Services”. Click the “Contact Customer Service” link you will enter into a new page.
  2. As it shows on the page, you can also dial 1-866-550-6934 to contact services.
  3. Or you can take the third way- to complete a form to email your question or concern.
    • You can expect email feedback within 2 business days from TIME.
    • The information required to fill out the fields include: name, address, city, state/province, zip code, phone number, email address, etc.
    • Upon the completion of the form, you can just check the checkbox of “Change of address”or”Cancel Subscription” accordingly to highlight your problem and subject.
    • If you check to to make change of address, you will be asked to provide new address in the form which appears below; to cancel your subscription, you need to select the date for canceling.

TIME Subscriber’s Automatic Renewal Program and Renewal Tips
Subscriber’s Automatic Renewal Program is designed by TIME to offer hassle-free subscription service. Through the program, TIME automatically continues your service without sending you renewal notices. You can always control over your subscription and also cancel it anytime. If you want to enroll this program, or just want to get more information about it, you can call 1-800-843-TIME for help.

Instead of enrolling this program, you can also renew your subscription through three ways as mentioned above: By logging in, by dialing 1-866-550-6934 or by completing a form to email your request for renewal.

Before renewal, it would be better if you confirm your expiry date of subscription first. You can check it out at this site by logging in. You will easily find out when your subscription ends and the time for renewal.

About TIME
Founded in 1923, TIME is one of the most recognized weekly news magazine published in New York City, America. With a large audience base from domestic and abroad, in addition to the TIME U.S., it also offers four worldwide editions including TIME Asia, TIME South Pacific, TIME Latin America and TIME Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

Visit to get TIME magazine customer service and troubleshooting.

Reference Links

  1. TIME Official Site –
  2. TIME Facebook Page – 
  3. TIME Twitter Page – 

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  1. says:

    Time circulation was notified I am not knowingly on anyone’s automatic renewal list, that if the mag is sent beyond expiration date, the loss is not mine. Having just received a bill for $149, due o9 01 13, my notice must have been ignored. Since that, apparently, is so, DO NOT SEND TIME BEYOND THE CURRENT EXPIRATION DATE. Listen 2 me this time, please. I quit!

  2. says:

    Account# 32708913300#TD
    Dear Sir: Please change my address to
    “16F-1, 441 Jongguo Road, Taoyuan, TAIWAN 33044″,
    starting September 15, 2013.
    Thank you in advanced.
    Yao H Wang

  3. says:

    Please cancel our subscription- we are closed

  4. says:

    I have failed to receive four issues of Time this year, three times consecutively. I don’t know why the Postal Service no longer dellivers my Time. I have been a subscriber since I served overseas in WWII, but I sse no alternative to canceling my subsription, since I have paid for missing issues and cannot get ant info from the Postal Service.My address is 4327 Wigton Drive, Houston, TX 77096-4428.Please cancel my subscription.

  5. says:

    Acct # 098293108
    On 6/23/2013 in response to your renewal offer with Free gift of OVERNIGHTER bag, a subscription, with a $20.00 check #4426 has been mailed which was paid by our bank on 6/28/2013. While am waiting for that free gift, another subscription renewal offer was received on 7/11/2013.
    Would this be a duplicate or something sent us by error? What is the status on free Overnighter bag?
    Your response will be appreciated. Edward An 7/19/2013

  6. says:

    I bought a subscription and can not access the digital versions on my google tablet or phone, it has been very frustrating, I have spent hours on this, battling? your systems is not clear accidental,

  7. says:

    Dear Editor,

    Last week, the cover story TIME magazine, written by Joe Klein, included an unfair and untrue jab at Secular Humanists:

    …”funny how you don’t see organized groups of secular humanists giving out hot meals.”

    Atheists were there:

    •More than 4,300 people donated more than $120,000 for the family of Rebecca Vitsmun (she promised to donate to charity whatever money she doesn’t need).
    •Foundation Beyond Belief raised over $45,000 for Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.
    •Atheists Giving Aid raised over $18,000 that will be given to local relief groups in Moore, Oklahoma and directly to families that need help.
    •Members of the FreeOK atheist group helped families who needed wreckage removed from their property:

    I have cancelled my Time subscription. As an atheist I feel I have to show support for my freethinkers community.

    Dale McGowan states, “Humanists and atheists aren’t developing our charitable efforts for recognition or applause. Empathy and compassion are a natural fit for a naturalistic worldview, and it’s incredibly rewarding to put that into action. But it would be nice if we could do this work without the constant, buzzing insistence from people like Klein that we aren’t actually doing it.

    Betty Fournier

  8. says:

    My customer Number is: 065803439. I wish to change my postal address as I have not been receiving Time when delivered to my post office box. Please change my address to:

    3 Moroak St.,
    Hawker. ACT. 2614.

    I notice from the comments/complaints below that failure to deliver is a regular problem with Time. If you wish me to renew my subscription when it becomes due, Please ensure regular delivery. Thank you

    Steve Hart.

  9. says:

    I am sending a change of address for future issues of Time to be sent to: old address: 3608 Main St. Texarkana, TX 75503. New address: 5007 North Park Rd Texarkana, TX 75503. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    Kathy J. Pilgreen

  10. says:

    in the last couple of months we have encountered problems getting the magazine. unfortunately i don’t have the subscrition no.
    i spoke with the distributers in israel. the person has been very rude, unhelpful and did not solve the problem. instead of the time magazine, we receive the local daily newspaper.
    perhaps you should scrutinize the distributor’s efficiency and the way they treat their costumers.
    please also send us this week’s magazine. i would like to make sure that we will receive the magazine from now onwards.

  11. says:

    I was given a subscription to Time Mag. for a xmas gift.

    I have never received a issue, but keep getting billed for renewal.

    Tracking #1233-651088#.

    Do your personel need to learn to read??????????

    Ready to cancel and get a refund.

  12. says:

    This is the second time in a month you did not deliver the magazine. Pls let me know what the problem is.

  13. says:

    I send you my money ck. # 9009
    Date: June 11, 2013
    Amount : $ 24.95

    And where are my Magazines..????
    Send my Magazines or my money back please.

  14. says:

    Please change my mailing address to 487 Northlake Dr. San Jose, CA 95117 ne # on my magazine label is 1046 2026 260#TD My old address was 10450 N Blaney Ave Cupertino, CA. 95014. Thank you. Please email me when the change is made.

  15. says:

    I did not receive this week’s TIME
    Please send me another copy.
    Thank you!

    11 Charles Hill Rd.
    Orinda, CA 94563-1939

  16. says:

    My new address is
    106 Old Billerica Road, 233, Bedford, MA, 01730

  17. says:

    Acct No. 22888373010
    My new address should be 4958 Copperlyn St., Las Vegas, NV 89122

  18. says:

    Account No. 22888373010
    My new address: 4968 Copperlyn St., Las Vegas, NV 89122

  19. says:

    TI CUST NO: 021215249 APR14 028497



  20. says:

    Dear, Sir, I will like to cancel my subscription,you have invoiced me without any advise. please you´ll have to pay me back 39,95€ with ref. 31204874232 NL invoiced the last 06/ 28 of 2013.
    You have not advise subscription expiry date.


    Carlos Coll

  21. says:

    Ref. Acct. No.0848 2666 720 58 South St. Quincy, MA. 02169
    Please change address immediately to: 4 Seaport Dr. Apt. 11
    No. Quincy, Ma. 02171
    Thank you, Robert G. Noble

  22. says:

    My Customer No. 090272584.

    Please, do something in order to send my subscription of Time Magazine weekly, because actually I am receiving 4, 5 or 6 magazines at one time, published one month before.

    As an example, today June 24, I received 5 magazines dated May 20, May 27, June 3, June 10 and June 17.

    Could you please send my subscripcion each week, as it must be?

    I will wait for your comments.

  23. says:

    I have telephoned customer service six times to resolve a delivery issue of TIME no change yet. Since about May of this year I receive my copy of TIME about every other week not every week as it should be. The person is always very nice but unable to identify the problem or fix it. I have checked with the local post office my mail carrier but no one can see any problem but the issues still only get to me every other week. Please see what you can do it is a complete mystery to me. My account number is 1000 8431 830

  24. says:

    I wuz givin a subscription 2 Tiime mag. which I have never received.
    Got a letter from time dated05/03/2013 informing mee that deiuvery shuld start2-3 weaks.Is now 6/20/13 and no delivery.
    I am also being billed for something that wuz paid 4 an d not \delivered

    tracking #1233-651088#


  25. says:

    I want to renew on line, can’t find loction to submit payment.

  26. says:

    Renewing online is supposed to be easy and quick. What happened to Time Inc in that regard???????

  27. says:

    Need to inform you of change of address. I believe my subscription # is 2237 4988 090#TD. As of July 5, 2013 my new address will be: 1336 Place du Souvenir, Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada J7T 2K6

  28. says:

    Please advise subscription expiry date for Customer # 030526073

  29. says:

    rec’d notice from TIME acknowledging cancellation of subscription. FALSE!! I cancelled unauthorized use of my credit card to renew a sub. to time, inc. My current sub. ends 10/14/13 and I will decide in 09/13 re: renewal. Kindly note. NEGCARLSON

  30. says:

    Please be advised ACc’t # 1114092297 is not knowingly on any automatic renewal. If Time is sent beyond the paid sub exp date, 09 02 13, the loss will be Time’s. Please correct immediately. Thanks!

  31. says:

    Thanks for the Ultronic clock. Unfortunately there are no instructions on how to set/use the darned thing. So it’s useless unil I have some.

    How/where do I get them?


  32. says:


  33. says:

    Please cancel my subscription to Time at this time. Thank you!

  34. says:

    How do I change my address? I moved in November 2012; it is now June 2013. TIME magazine is still being delivered, weekly, to my old address.

    Old address: 13 Julian Street, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 3W7

    New (current) address: 304-33 Banner Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8V7

  35. says:

    Cannot find out how to archive back issues in order to free up space

  36. says:

    I am a subscriber through living media ltd to cust no:032924797jan 15 012612
    I am yet to receive the subscription gift the time bags set pls expedite

  37. says:

    Change of address:
    Old address- 9940 W Alabama Ave, Sun City, AZ 85351

    New Address – 3933 E Highway 260, sp.149 Payson, AZ 85541

  38. says:

    My mailing address is incorrect.
    Please change it to read:
    Nancy Hobbes
    PO Box 32
    Millsboro, DE 19966-0033
    #3262 1193 280#TD 47DE00 A

  39. says:

    #3286 1498 140#TD 504FL33 A Apr14
    Change of Address and Recipient:

    From: Tom Burns
    113 Elmwood Dr
    Saint Johns, FL 32259-3031

    To: LCDR Andrew Burns
    Attn: Air Det
    USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58)
    FPO AA 34092-1512
    United States

  40. says:

    I thought this was a bogus website when I read through the text. The language is ungrammatical and doesn't really make sense. This is Time's official website? Seriously? If I wasn't already a long-time subscriber, this website would discourage a subscription—not what I think you're going for.