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Home Business Customer Status Check Tool

Customer Status Check Tool

The status of your order is important to you. Customer status online check tool is the right place for you to get your latest order status information, with which you can access your order status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anytime and anywhere.

Customer Status Check Tool Instructions
To make it convenient for customers to check their order status, customer status check tool offers 5 options for you to search your order status. In order to locate your order correctly and successfully, you’d better make sure the search method chosen and enter your information exactly as you did when you placed your order. You can choose any one of the following options and click “Search” button to find out your order status:

  1. Last name + order number.
  2. Email address + last 4 of credit card.
  3. Phone number + last 4 of credit card.
  4. Last name + last 4 of credit card + zip code.
  5. Last name + phone number + zip code.

All the information you search online is the same as what you will get if you call the representative. Since it is more efficient and convenient, more and more retailers are using the services. Genie Bra and PajamJeans are using Customer Status online tracking system. No matter you just got the exclusive buy a set of Genie bras and choose any second free or one pair of PajamJeans for only $19.95, you can easily find your order status online.

About offers a place for you to access your order status 24/7. All you should do is to select the method you wish to search by and then fill out the form and click the Search button. Can not wait for your recent Genie Bra and PajamJeans order? There is a trend to use the third party service to help monitor and track online orders, like mobile phone order status check at and USPS online order status at Any question or problem with your order status check? Leave your comments, Dotcomol specialist and users will help you on that.

Go check your order customer status online at

Reference Links

  1. Pajamajeans official site –
  2. Genie Bra official site –

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  1. Rated 1

    I am checking on my order I placed on Sunday August 6th 2017, my money has been taken out, but I have no response from you,will you please send me a email to let me know when I will expect my package. Thanks Lottie Holman

  2. Rated 1

    I have not received 2 Brooklyn brownie Lids I ordered 4-20-17 order #2035047. Can you tell me when I will receive these lids?

  3. Rated 3

    I ordered the copper check by phone then after I gave my credit card it wouldn’t go through and I was put on hold and the person never came back. I tried calling customer service and was told they were closed. Please find out the status of my order.
    Lori Luce. Phone 503 260 2999 . In North Plains Oregon.

  4. Rated 1

    I bought a sharper image super wave oven (item# 8217B). I need a lower cooking rack, a higher
    cooking rack, and tongs. Please inform me by email or phone (910-424-0195 or cell 910-366-0120
    as to how I can order those parts.

  5. says:

    A few weeks ago I thought I ordered a couple of frying pans; an omelette pan was thrown into the package. I paid with my credit card. I have heard nothing from you people since. perhaps there was something I did wrong. I have been so busy lately, I failed to check if you sent me an e-mail stating that you had received my payment for the pans ordered. So it would appear that I trashed it; especially if it went into my junk mail. My phone number is 519 601-1655. Or you could e-mail me. I need some new pans, and I like the idea of non-stick that is that for sure. Please advise. sara

  6. says:

    waiting forever to speak to someone== then they hang up before speaking to me==called 1=866=304-4252– waiting 45 minutes STILL NOTHING– FEAR THIS IS SCAM COMPANY

  7. says:

    never got TOTAL COST

  8. says:

    when my order was shipped

  9. says:

    How does this help me to find out when my order was shipped

  10. says:

    Is my order 16069404 being shipped yet?
    Thank you

  11. says:

    me to Mr.Peck :(

  12. says:

    this is the worst crap ever….my poor mom has really bad arthritis,and luvs to do what she can in the yard all the prettiest rose brushes my son buys her ever year,she has them all aline her property and has to water them,so I upgraded her as seen on t.v. lightweight hose that bursted so I ordered her the really nicely light weight 75foot one for $90.00 THAT WAS A 6 WEEKS AGO! Ive called the 800 number but never answer just a computer talking and tells you nothing,but boy oh boy did they take my $$$$ off my card sooooo fast.. ive e-mailed them everyday for 4weeks now,and they just keep sending this link back to me…I don’t know what to do now. :(

  13. says:

    Want to check the status of our purchase of the retractable garden hsoes

  14. says:

    It is impossible to check on the status of my order on this site. I guess this is what I am supposed to do???? Never experienced this method of tracking before….my order # is 21559442617. Thanks.

  15. says:

    when is my fusion hair styler to be sent? otder no. 21559409433

  16. says:

    I only ordered one cats meaw but my check out order says I ordered 2….customer # is ACNKC2002503….Please correct the order for me.So that is buy one get one free ….Thank you, Pleas reply with an email to let me know …