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Home Charity Realize Your Dream with Kipi Community

Realize Your Dream with Kipi Community

It’s never too late to change your life for the better. Likewise, it’s never too late to create your dream and make it come true! Kipi community, a social financial platform, helps a large number of people access their goals and dreams in life through the power of network and the method of confidential exchange with participants. Your dreams still remain being dreams? Do not hesitate to take the first step to realize your dream by joining the Kipi community online.

Realize Your Dream with Kipi Community Instructions
People are always busy catching up with the fast-paced life, thus they barely have time to take a break and ask what they really desire at the bottom of their heart. As a result, people let life go by in a same and kind of boring way and leave dreams remain being dreams, day in and day out. Want to shake up you day with creating and realizing your dreams but be trapped by tight budget? Kipi is here to help. No matter you want house on the seashore, round the world trip or yacht, with the power of networking, Kipi enables you to start your dream by offering some portion of the dream value and then everything else would be taken cared of by Kipi. You transfer the funds allocated for the implementation of your dream to other community members in exchange for Kipi, the domestic community currency. Kipi will be credit to your account and after a wait period you can receive sufficient funds from other participants to make your dream come true!

To start your journey to realize your dream with Kipi community, you need register for an account first. You would be asked to tell your dream at the very beginning. Alternatively, you can also skip the dream creation step and register for an account first. You are able to add your dream later at your leisure. Here are several steps if you want to start with the dream creation step:

  1. Hit “Sign up” button on the top right corner, and then click to create an account.
  2. Tell Kipi about your dream by filling out the following information:
    • The country you’re in.
    • Brief description of your dream.
    • Money amount that you can afford for your dream.
    • Money amount that you need to fulfill your dream.
    • Time to wait will be automatically calculated and appear to you.
  3. Choose your payment method, like US dollar or Mexican peso or Pound or other kinds of currency. Click “Continue”.
  4. Complete your registration information including Full Name, Birth Date, Phone Number, and Password. If you have received the invite code form other participant, you also need to enter the invite code. Check the box to indicate that you agree to related Terms and Conditions and hit “Continue”.
  5. A SMS message with confirmation code would be sent to the phone number you just gave in a while. Enter the code in the given field and activate your account.
  6. After the activation you can log into your account with your phone number and password.
  7. Given you have created your dream at the very beginning, you will then be given a member of the community to whom you can transfer your funds. Then wait until your amount of your dream is enough and finally your dream is fulfilled.

To find out more information about how Kipi works and the FAQ, you can refer to the links listed below to check it out by yourself.

Want to have your most cherished and desired dream come true? Just go to realize your dream at with Kipi community.

About Kipi
Kipi is a community which helps you realize your dreams and goals through a confidential exchange between participants. Those people who join their community and become members of it, they can create their dream, set the value of their dreams and provide some portion of it as they can. Then Kipi works as a social financial platform which will help you move towards and finally realize your dreams.

Reference Links

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