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Home Finance Retireonline JP Morgan Retirement Plan Services

Retireonline JP Morgan Retirement Plan Services

Do you want to retire early and successfully by achieving your financial dream? If so you may need help from JP Morgan retirement plan services that specializes in offering retirement plans such as 401 k plans, profit sharing plans, pension and cash balance plans. To ensure a decent life after retirement, you need to make your retirement plan early and in a most effective way.

JP Morgan Retirement Plan Services Overview
Making a retirement plan is not easy, especially for people who are not excited about spending time on finances. According to a survey conducted by Aetna and the Financial Planning Association in America, 31% of pre-retirees would rather clean their bathroom or pay bills than plan for retirement. So why not leave this hard job to someone who is good at this?

You may need to learn how to diversify your investments portfolio from the beginning if you have not enrolled in your 401(k) plan. JP recommends four basic steps to you, on which you can spend as much time as you like.

  1. Figure out what percentage of money you’d like to allocate to the three main asset classes, namely stocks, bonds and cash alternatives. For example, you would like to put 40% of your money into stocks, 30% into bonds, and another 30% into cash alternatives. You can design your investment plan better by completing the Asset Allocation Profiler (See Reference Link 1).
  2. Figure out the asset class of each investment within your 401(k) plan’s portfolio. If you have any problem with this step, you can call 800-345-2345 for consultation.
  3. Decide how to allocate your investment among these choices.
  4. Enroll in the plan.

If you have participated in your 401(k) plan, you may need to reevaluate if your asset allocation is still appropriate for your situation, and do some adjustment to improve your return.

Now you can access your retirement plan on your mobile device. You can check your account balance, current contributions and performance of your investments, complete transactions, etc.

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About JP Morgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company that provides various financial services worldwide. Its Consumer and Community Banking segment provides deposits, investment products and services, lending, and cash management and payment solution.

Reference Links

  1. JP Morgan Asset Allocation Profiler –
  2. Take The 401k Quiz –

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