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Rexall Sundown & NBTY Settlement

Rexall Sundown & NBTY Class Action has reached a Settlement. If you have purchased joint dietary supplements containing glucosamine that were manufactured or sold by Rexall Sundown, Inc. or NBTY, Inc. or their affiliates, you may be eligible to receive compensation from it.

Rexall Sundown & NBTY Settlement Instructions
In 2011, six Lead Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Rexall Sundown and NBTY Corporations and their affiliates, on behalf of themselves and other purchasers. The Plaintiffs allege that the certain claims made on the labeling of certain joint health dietary supplements containing the ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin are false, deceptive and misleading while the Defendants deny the wrongdoing and liability. Due to the neutral determination of the Court and mutual compromise of the Parities, a settlement was preliminarily reached on May 16th, 2013.

If the Settlement is ultimately approved by the Court, the Lead Plaintiffs and Settlement Class members will be accessible to payment. If you purchased for personal use and not resale or distribution certain joint health glucosamine dietary supplements that were manufactured or sold by the defendants approximately from 2005 through 2012 in certain U.S. locations, you are an eligible claimant for a payment. The covered products, locations and specific dates of sale are included in the last part of the Notice.

Notably, the available payment also entails your submitting a properly-completely Claim Form with Adequate Proof of Purchase either online or offline by December 3, 2013. This is the only way to receive a payment. You may receive $5.00 per bottle of Covered Product purchased, up to a maximum of ten bottles per household. If you can provide Adequate Proof of Purchase but only the Claim Form, you are available to $3.00 per bottle of Covered Product purchased, up to a maximum of four bottles per household.

The total payment is calculated as $2 million. If it is less than the figure, the distribution for each claimant with Adequate Proof of Purchase submitted will be maximumly increased pro rate triply until the total payments reach $2 million. If the total amount is still less than $2 million, each claimant will get a maximum of double payments.

You can exclude yourself and receive no payment by mailing your request to the Claim Administrator by August 1st, 2013. Meanwhile, You may submit your objection or comment by August 1st, 2013. You can also attend the Fairness Hearing at 11:00 a.m. on September 4th, 2013.

You may download the Claim Form from the “Documents” part or complete it online. To get more details, go to the “Notice”, “About” and “Documents” parts at If you have questions and problems, dial (888) 972-6583 or ask for help online.

About Rexall Sundown
Rexall Sundown, founded in 1976, is a nutritional vitamins and supplements manufacturer in the United States. Rexall sells 600 nutritional products online, through local supermarket or drug store, pharmacy, and retailers. In 1989, Sundown, the maker of sunscreens, acquired the Rexall trademark and Numico finished a takeover of the new brand Rexall Sundown in 2000. Today, the employees are over 1300.

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