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Home Legal In re Fannie Mae Securities Litigation

In re Fannie Mae Securities Litigation

As a Settlement website for In re Fannie Mae Securities Litigation, Fannie Mae informational site is established to offer general information regarding to the Class and its Settlement. Visit this site if you consider that your rights might affected in the Fannie Mae Securities or just want to learn more details about the case.

Fannie Mae Securities Litigation Instructions
If you, at any time on or after April 17,2001 through December 22, 2004, made purchase of the publicly traded common stocks and call options of Fannie Mae or sold Fannie Mae publicly traded put options, you need go to the Fannie Mae informational site to see if your rights are affected and learn more to fully understand your rights. A proposed settlement has been reached regarding to the Fannie Mae Securities Litigation class action lawsuit for $153,000,000 in cash. And if approved, you would get compensation.

To qualify for the payment, you must meet the following requirement:

  1. Be a potential member of the Class: From or on April 17, 2001 through December 22, 2004, you suffered loss in that you purchased of publicly traded Fannie Mae common stock and call options or sale of publicly traded Fannie Mae put options.
  2. Timely complete and return a valid Claim Form with adequate proof and document required. You can download the Claim Form and related documents from this site or click the links below.

Please note the deadline for different operation period regarding to this case and settlement:

  • Deadline for the Opting-Back Into the Class Filling: September 20, 2013
  • Deadline for the Objection Filing: September 20, 2013
  • Time for Settlement Hearing: October 31, 2013 at 11 am
  • Deadline for Claim Filing: December 20, 2013

For more detailed information, please visit

About Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae, with Federal National Mortgage Association as its full name, is a leading source of residential mortgage in American market. During the Great Depression, Fannie Mae was founded in 1938 as part of the New Deal. It has been a publicly traded company since 1968, but it is still sponsored by government.

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