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Send Electronic Claims to Get Your Property Back

Can you believe that the state of California currently has more than $6.9 million unclaimed property, which belongs to about 24.9 million individuals and organizations. The unclaimed properties are generated when the owner forgets that the account exits, or moves and does not leave a forwarding address or the forwarding order expires. California State Controller’s Office provides all residents in California with a portal of filing claims to get property back electronically.

How to Send Electronic Claims to Get Your Property Back
Unclaimed property is lost or forgotten financial accounts. The most common types include cash in inactive bank accounts, overpayments made to businesses, and it may also comes from insurance policies, stocks, securities and utility deposits. Usually owners of unclaimed properties do not realize that their property is considered unclaimed because they may simply have moved, change address or fail to receive notifications from businesses or financial institutions.

Compared with traditional paper claims, sending eClaims can save your time with payment generally issued within 14 days. To be eligible to file your claim online, you need to satisfy these conditions: you are the only owner listed for the property and the property value is less than $500.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Start Your Search” link on the left side of the page.
  3. Once you are on the search page, please select a search option and type in at least your last name. Then click on “Search” button to continue.
  4. Take a look at the search result, and click on the ID number of the property you want to claim.
    The next page will show you more details about the property. If you believe this property belongs to you, please hit the “Claim this property” button to proceed.
  5. Select claim relation and then fill out all the fields marked with asterisk.
  6. Once you’ve done, click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. If you are eligible to use the eCliam process, you will be given an option to submit your claim electronically, or by using paper.
  8. Review all the claim information. If you agree to the terms, click the box and then be sure to fill out the fields at the bottom of the page to complete your eClaim. When you are ready, hit “Submit” button.
  9. Then you will see your eClaim receipt and print it for your records. Suppose you have entered email address early in the process, you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have any questions in the process of filing eClaims, please call (800)-992-4647 or visit FAQs for help.

About California State Controller
The Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer of California. Elected every four years, the Controller makes sure the State’s 100 billion budge is spent properly. Currently, the Controller of California is John Chiang. He was first elected in November 2006 and re-elected to a second term in November 2010. After taking office, he took immediate measures to weed out waste, fraud and abuse of public fund, which making the State’s finances more transparent and accountable to the public.

Reference Links

  1. California State Controller’s Office Site –
  2. Unclaimed Property eclaim FAQs –
  3. California State Controller’s Office Mobile Site

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