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Home Charity Access Benefits at MyBenefits CalWIN

Access Benefits at MyBenefits CalWIN

As a California resident, have you ever thought who you can ask for help with your household expenses, food, medical costs when you are in need? And MyBenefits CalWIN is the one worthy of your trust. You can easily and quickly learn about and apply for medical, food and cash assistance there.

Access Benefits at MyBenefits CalWIN Guide
Being a California resident, when you feel life is tough, you probably can resort to MyBenefits CalWIN which offers you information on medical, food, cash assistance and an access to apply for it.

To smoothly enjoy the whole benefits, you need to open a MyBenefits online account, see if you are eligible and complete an application for the benefits.

The online account is the first access to your attainable benefits. Besides, you can check your benefit status, amount and renew your benefits online with it. So, take a few steps to create a MyBenefits Online Account:

  1. Enter and click on the “Create A MyBenefits Account” link in the top right of the homepage to register.
  2. Enter your first name, middle name and last name. Among them, the middle name is optional.
  3. Select the County in California where you live from the whole options. Please note that some Counties are served by MyBenefits CalWIN while the others are not. If you are within the scope of services, proceed to the next step. If not, you have the chance to apply for benefits at C4 Yourself by clicking the button marked “Continue”.
  4. Fill in your username, password and confirm your password. Note that the password selected must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number without the username and any part of your name used.
  5. Choose three secret questions and give three corresponding answers which can’t be identical.
  6. Set a secret photo for your account. Choose an image type from animals, birds, plants, landmarks and sky and then click “Go”. Pick up the most ideal one from the selected category as your account photo. Give your photo a name and click the button marked “Continue” to proceed.
  7. Leave your email address, confirm it and select an email language. In this step, you may choose to view your benefit information by clicking “Yes” and filling in your Security Number and Date of Birth.
  8. Confirm your account according to the instructions.
  9. Upon completion of registration, log in to your account with your username. You are available to choose the benefits and apply for them.

Apart from obtaining benefits, you are also accessible to more useful information on Cash Aid Options, Food & Nutrition, Medical Services and Required Reporting at MyBenefits CalWIN.

At last, enter to apply for the benefits.

About MyBenefits CalWIN
MyBenefits CalWIN is an online real-time government aid programs provider. Established by the government of the State of California in 2005, MyBenefits CalWIN has substantially benefited California residents, enabling them to learn about and apply for medical, food, cash assistance programs. Meanwhile, secure & private benefit information is also available at MyBenefits CalWIN.

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