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How to Track China Post Registered Air Mail


It is not easy to track Registered Air Mail delivered by China Post, many people are scrambling for answer about how to track it. You can use the tracking tool developed by us to track China Post registered Air Mail easily.

Or if you prefer track your China Post Air Mail via China Post online website, refer to the following tips before tracking:

  1. The track website you are going to use does not always work, most parcels can be tracked via it; but in rare cases, it may not be able to show any information. There are two reasons leading to no results: the input of transit information is delayed; or the information has not been input into the tracking system yet.
  2. You must have a tracking number which starts with “R” and ends with “CN” to track your goods. The tracking number consists of 9 numbers in the middle, with 2 alphabetic letters both at the beginning and end, for instance, RR999931494CN.
  3. If you have entered the tracking No. but get no result: verify your tracking No. and reenter it rightly; or just wait, because your tracking No. may have not been updated yet.
  4. If the result shows you nothing more than date of departure and origin, it is quite normal. Because whether you can view more detailed information about your parcle in country of destination depends on if it is custom clearance and the information is timely feedbacked.

Now let’s start tracking:

  • It’s a Chinese site with English version at If you don’t know Chinese, it’s OK, you can find language option at the top left corner of the page. Click English.

How to track China Post?

  • Then click “Item Tracking”, enter your item No. and validation code showing to you, click “Track”.

How to track China Post?

  • You will find all the information you need for the items you are looking for.

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