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How to File International Claims with China Post for Damaged or Lost Parcels


If your packages from China are damaged or lost on the road, you have the right to claim for compensation with China Post when it is in charge of the shipment. The process is not difficult and you can easily make it.

If your packages are damaged, you firstly need to collect the proof by taking pictures of the parcels you have received. Then give your feedback along with the testimony to your courier,  local China Post customer service rep or someone responsible for that from the partner of China Post. Alternatively, take the item, the mailing container, wrapping, packaging and other contents to the related Post Office nearby and have the damage verified. Once the breakage is confirmed, you will receive an information packet and claim form by mail to complete with some details including the item number, names of the sender and recipient, addresses of the sender and recipient, the sender’s phone number, date of mailing and so on.

You can also file a claim for your lost items in the similar way. The difference is that you need to provide the proof that you don’t receive your items and give it China Post customer service rep or the sender and have your loss verified.

The compensation for both varies with the degree of loss based on China Post Indemnity Clause. Generally, the compensation is in accordance with the declared value when the value is below $100. Otherwise, the maximum compensation is $100. To finally make it, you need to offer the proof of value. If your package is insured, the risk can be avoided with evidence of insurance provided. Insurance can be purchased by the sender or with the help of the transport company. One thing to note is that sometimes a claim can be only filed by the sender. If the parcels are the items you purchase from some e-commerce merchant just like Tao Bao, it will help you ask an inquiry for the loss, damage or missing contents of your things with the Post Office.

As a recipient, if you are allowed to file a claim, you also need to pay attention to time requirements. In general, you can successfully claim for your compensation after 3 days to 6 months from the mailing date.

If you have any questions or problems, call +86 11185 or +86 11183 or visit China Post Official Site at for solutions.

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