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Compensation Overview for EMS China Shipments


Though the delay, loss or shortage of delivery is the last thing you want to see, it happens sometimes for various reasons. To make sure the interest of customers and avoid disputes at the same time, EMS makes a compensation regulation which indicates the specific compensation circumstances and criteria. By reading these rules below, you will learn when to claim compensation and how much you can get.

Compensation will not be applied to such situations:

  • Caused by force majeure (except for insured items).
  • Government confiscated your item because it is prohibited or restricted to delivery according to law.
  • Parcel already delivered with complete packaging and weight but the inner item is lost or damaged.
  • The recipient has already signed by the regulation.
  • Parcels are lost or damage due to the mistakes of customers or the nature of the contents.
  • Customers do not claim for compensation from the date of delivering to the end of query period.
  • International items are detained, confiscated or destroyed by the country of destination according to local law.

Compensation Criteria for International EMS Shipments:

  • Delivery delay: 50% of postage paid.
  • Loss or damage of letter, document shipments: ¥400 (about $65.88) per piece.
  • Loss or damage of shipments without declared value: ¥400 (about $65.88) per piece.
  • Loss or damage of shipments with declared value will be compensated by its real value. If parts of shipments are lost or damaged, you will also be compensated by its real value, but the highest compensation is not as high as 500+60*W (W: weight presented in integer kilogram) per piece.
  • Postage and special tracking fee are refunded if the parcel is lost or damaged.

Compensation Criteria for LTL (Less than Truckload):
What is LTL? LTL is the short for Less than Truckload. It is designed to meet the requirements of small and middle sized enterprises for freight. LTL has basic logistics services such as door-to-door pickup, pickup at appointed site and more.

  • If the consigner authorizes CPEL (China Postal Express & Logistics) to get insurance for his parcel according to its declared value, CPEL will compensate the consigner.
  • If the consigner purchase insurance for his parcel, CPEL will provide proof documents to help insurance claim.
  • For uninsured shipments, consigner will be compensated ¥20 (about $3.294) per kilo with the maximum compensation of ¥100 (about $16.47) per piece.

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