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Learn More About China Post Mailing Services Prohibitions


When you buy items on Chinese websites or goods at eBay from Chinese sellers, you may receive mail from China Post for it is the official postal service of China and has many advantages such as low cost, convenience and globalization compared with other postal services . Before placing an order online or asking your friends in China to mail items, you need to learn that there are some items which can not mail abroad from China.

Articles Prohibited Mailing from China Post and EMS

  • Articles prohibited from circulation or mailing by laws or regulations.
  • Weapon, simulation, ammunition.
  • Explosive, inflammable, erosive, radioactive, perishable and poisonous articles.
  • Newspapers and periodicals, books detrimental to the interests of the People’s Republic of china.
  • Currencies.
  • All live animals (except properly packaged bees, silkworms, leeches).
  • Articles which may jeopardize personal safety contaminate or damage other postal materials if improperly packaged.
  • Traveler’s checks, gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, jewelry and other valuable articles unless sent as an insured post.

All items above can not mail from China for different reasons. Please remember that do not try to buy these things in China and mail it to your country. However, there are some other goods which are not mentioned directly in the list, but still can not mail abroad from China.

  • Perfume/Hairspray. Due to the frequent changes in temperature and air pressure during the actual shipping process, these things would be easy to burst leading to the hurt of package handlers and recipients.
  • Nail Polish. Nail polish is considered as a combustible product for it mainly contains combustible chemical. Therefore, if you want to take it abroad, you need to bring by yourself.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. Alcohol is also a combustible product, so you can not mail it.

Once you have mailed these things through China Post or asked for the sellers to mail these things, you may not receive your package. So please pay attention to the item you are about to order online and let your common sense guide you. If you are not sure about which item is forbidden, please check for information at

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