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Home Real Estate Bid for an Advertised Property

Bid for an Advertised Property

Renting or buying house is huge. You need to look carefully at what is available to you and consider which options are manageable and affordable. Bedfordshire Homefinder will help you to make decisions and find your place.

Bid for an Advertised Property Instructions
Bedfordshire Homefinder is a website aims to provide services by offering more choices to help people find proper house quickly. Available properties will be advertised on the website and applicants will be able to bid on up to three properties they meet the criteria for.

  1. Complete the application form. Click on “Login” button on the top right and you will find “Application form” in the bottom. Fill in the form and return it to the relevant Housing Provider.See the details in the beginning of the form.
  2. Applicants who are registered on the website will receive a User ID and PIN. You can log in by using it.
  3. Once logged in, your details will be displayed. It shows your priority on the housing register, your effective date and more.
  4. Click on “See All Properties” and you can know all the properties provided. You may also search property by entering your preferred area, the number of bedrooms, property type. Click on “Search” button to find the results.
  5. By clicking on the “Full Property Info” you can know more information about the property.
  6. Once you have viewed the full property details and you are certain you want to bid, please click on “click here to Bid” button on the top.
  7. If you have placed a bid, you will be taken back to the page with your personal details, and the screen will show that your bid placed successfully.

There are some notices that you need to pay attention.

  • “Bidding” does not mean asking money, and you are bidding with your priority. Once you bid for a property, you are showing your interest in that property.
  • You will be able to bid for a maximum of three properties in any one advertising period.
  • If you are flexible in choosing the type of property and preferred area, you may have more chances to bid successfully.
  • If the landlord who advertised the property contact you by phone, email or letter that means your bid is successful. You should prepare the documents that can prove your identity.
  • When you place a bid, you can check your priority position for the property and the total numbers of bidders on the website.

On the bottom of the homepage, you can learn housing for older people, housing for disabled people and some advice. Click on these icons to know more information.

If you have any other questions about the website, please click on Guide to Bidding, User Guide and Top Tips to learn more.

Visit and bid for a property.

About Bedfordshire Homefinder
The Bedfordshire Homefinder service was launched in June 2009. The website aims to help more people to find property quickly through placing a bid on preferred property. The service is provided by a Partnership including Aragon Housing Association, Bedford Borough Council, bpha, Central Bedfordshire Council, Luton Borough Council.

Reference Links

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